Campus archaeology heating up

Posted by on Sep 3, 2008 in Dirt, Research and Engagement | No Comments

So, after a relatively slow start in my new position as Campus Archaeologist, things are beginning to slide down the pipe in our direction. We are beginning to finalize the work from this summer, and plan on submitting an article to Michigan Archaeologist on Faculty Row. I am excited about this, as it will be a collaborative effort with my colleagues. I will also be giving a talk at Michigan Archaeology Day about theproject.

Also, word has come of various construction projects that we will be monitoring over the next year. These range from tiny holes to enormous ones; correspondingly, our response will be on these levels. Some projects may require us to simply monitor the digging, to do survey before the digging, or to partake in large scale excavating ourselves, much like we did at Faculty Row. I have no doubt that I will be significantly occupied throughout my time holding this position. I am excited about it, however.

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