Peer Educator Training

This past weekend, we held training for our Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Peer Educators. We did two full days, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. The students were engaged, asked fantastic questions, and seemed incredibly motivated to be there. We had some trouble with students not showing up who we thought were going to, and our numbers have dwindled…at the beginning of the year, we had 25 men and 25 women, now we are down to 11 men and maybe 15 women. The change in schedule really hurt our numbers. That said, I was still amazed with the students we have, particularly the men. We did gendered break out sessions throughout the training, and the men were incredibly engaging, thoughtful, and honest about their feelings, thoughts on the topic, and questions that they had.
As someone who spent a lot of time in college trying to get just a couple men together to talk about these issues, this weekend was even more rewarding. I am very hopeful that they will put together a men’s anti-violence organization. I suggested it to them, and told them I would help them, but said I wasn’t going to do the work or force them…that’s not my place. Hopefully, they will take me up on it.

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