Moved again…

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Well, I had to move my blog again. This is the second time in a year, and the reasoning boils down to this: I can’t trust RapidWeaver. Twice now, RapidWeaver has deleted all of my blog posts from the editing software. Fortunately, I have caught it both times before publishing a bunch of empty posts. The first time, I recopied everything from the website back. This time, I’m doing the same thing, but copying it to a new home: at WordPress.

I haven’t used WordPress before, but I have been messing around with it for a while, to see if I like it. So far, so good. So, this is the new home of Dirt. Hopefully, we will stay here for a while. I am still using RapidWeaver to design the non-blog portions of my website, and when I have finished copying all of the blog posts off it and onto the WordPress site, I will change all of the links. For now, I will continue to operate out of here.

A couple things are not going to make it to WordPress: The old Weekly Dirt posts will not be making the journey, because I would have to redo all the links and videos and that just makes me cringe. Also, I am considering getting rid of “Dig”. The more I get into Twitter, the less these things seem useful: I now put quick links to interesting stuff directly on my Twitter feed, and rarely update the Dig page. Please let me know if this will break any hearts.

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