Welcome to my online portfolio!

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I promise. This will be the last time I move my webpage…I’m actually paying real money for this one, so the url won’t be changing anytime soon.

I have been wanting to develop an online portfolio for a while, however I wanted to establish a body of work before I did so. I am going to be using this page for two things: first, as my blog, and second, as an online, academic portfolio. I am hoping to integrate the two pieces as much as possible. So, the portfolio, along the top, will correspond to the blog categories located just above.

The purpose is to have a one stop shop for everything that is relevant to what I do. I am still shopping around for a theme that will work just how I want it to. At the moment, this is the closest that I can get. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, corrections, or content you’d like to see more of. Hit the contact button, or use one of the social media spots on the left.


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