Research and Conference Trip: St. Mary’s City

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Over the next week and a half, I will be venturing to Southern Maryland for a variety of reasons. First, I will be attending a conference on Early Chesapeake history and culture on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I’m excited about this conference, since it will be a rare mixing of historians and archaeologists, all experts in the Chesapeake. The program is a star-studded lineup, many of whom appear on my recently completed bibliographies. Although the conference will be focusing more on colonial Chesapeake, and my dissertation research focuses on the 19th century, there will still be a lot of great work on African American history and culture, which will be relevant to my work. Regardless, it will be a great opportunity to network and listen to some of the new research coming out of the region. I will be postingtweets about the conference from the hashtag #ECHC.

I will also be spending some time working with Dr. Miller at Historic St. Mary’s City on getting prepared for my dissertation proposal that I will be working on next semester. The plan is to develop a conference paper I will be giving in January at the SHA meetings, which will provide a framework for my dissertation proposal. I have to get this done by the end of the trip, since I have entered the student paper contest. I have some ideas, and I will be posting here as it begins to take shape. For all things Historic St. Mary’s, look for #HSMC on Twitter.

On a personal note, this will also be a family trip. I will get a chance to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmother, who all live in St. Mary’s County and Baltimore. Ashleigh will be flying in next week, so we’ll get to see everybody. This past summer was the first summer in three years that I have not been in St. Mary’s, so it will be good to see friends and family. It will be a much needed rest from the day-to-day here in East Lansing.

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    November 19, 2009

    A new blog post about the chesapeake history conference/research trip I’m on in Maryland right now! #echc #hsmc #fb
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