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This summer I have the pleasure of teaching an online Intro to Archaeology course for Michigan State University. As with most intro courses, the content is pretty basic, and the goal is to give students a chance to get  a glimpse about what archaeology is, why we do it, how it is done, and if they would be interested in studying it. Of course, the key here is to give the students a chance to explore an aspect of archaeology that might interest them, or to expose them in some way to something that is actually going on NOW in archaeology. So, I am offering an assignment called the “You Pick It” assignment. In this assignment I’m giving students the freedom to investigate something that interests them in archaeology and write me three pages about it, or submit a video of at least 3 minutes. Among the suggested topics are: visit an archaeological site, investigate an archaeological topic, do a book review of an archaeology book, or, my personal favorite, interview an archaeologist.

Of course, this last one requires some actual archaeologists to be interviewed. So, I’m asking for your help: would you be willing to be interviewed by one of my students? I’m looking for a variety of interests (I could probably fill a nice list of historical archaeologists who work in the Chesapeake, but that’s not giving a very good sample of the discipline) and experiences, meaning I want people in academia, CRM, museums, public archaeology, graduate school, government etc.

If you’re interested, send me an email at brockter at msu.edu or send me a message on Twitter. I will send you a quick google form for you to fill out, and this will be put into a list for students to look at. You will only be interviewed by ONE student, and you will be able to pick what type of medium you are willing to be interviewed on (e-mail, phone, Twitter, Skype, etc.). The student’s final project will be posted on our class blog, which is public, but not visible to online search engines. I have no idea if this is something that students will be interested in doing, but I’d like to give the opportunity to talk with real archaeologists and explore what a career in archaeology might look like.

Thanks in advance for your help! I appreciate it.


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