An October in St. Mary’s City Playlist

I’m spending the week in St. Mary’s, which means lots of alone time in the basement lab late at night. I try to make the most of these trips by spending a lot of time at the Lab, looking over artifacts. While it’s always nice to work with other people around, I tend to get the most done in the evenings: I can focus and listen to my music loud without disturbing anybody. Anyway, some new things and some old things in this list. One of my favorites is the last song, by the Beach Boys drummer, Dennis Wilson, who died tragically in the late seventies by drowning. He had one solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, which I really enjoy. At any rate, you can subscribe to the playlist here, and listen to what I’m listening to while I sort artifacts.

Artifacts in boxes

The Isley Brothers – Freedom ♦ Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls ♦ TV On The Radio – Will Do ♦ The Crane Wives – October ♦ Michael Kiwanuka – Bones ♦ Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes ♦ The Gourds – Plaid Coat ♦ Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) ♦ Paul Simon – Kodachrome ♦ Passion Pit – Take A Walk ♦ Lana Del Rey – Video Games ♦ Dennis Wilson – River Song

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