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A lot of my blog post efforts are being directed towards the new digital exhibit that I built with Historic St. Mary’s City, “All of Us Would Walk Together”. These posts are about the research that I’m currently undergoing, and will discuss historical research, archaeological analysis, and a variety of other things relating to the project. Once we begin the preservation work on the duplex quarter, we will also start posting updates about that, as well.

So, please head over to the Walk Together Blog:

There you can read about why we chose the title “All of Us Would Walk Together”: Welcome to “All of us Would Walk Together,” a Digital Exhibit

Learn about How Slave Advertisements are important to our research: What can you learn from a runaway slave?

See our first item for our Genealogical Section with a list of enslaved laborers from 1867: The List of Names: Who was Who at St. Mary’s Manor?

And how I will be able to use a plantation here in Williamsburg, Virginia to help with our research in St. Mary’s, Maryland: Looking for Comparisons: Shirley Plantation Duplex Quarters in Virginia

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