Welcome! I am a historical archaeologist, currently serving as the Senior Research Archaeologist at James Madison’s Montpelier. This website is my personal portfolio and blog – it is where I showcase the things that I have done, and, from time to time, write about the my life as an archaeologist, museum professional, digital archaeologist, public archaeologist, and, recently, as a father. There is a great deal of variety on this site, which is intentional. I have a number of interests, and have trouble separating one from the other, and I see no reason to do so online.

Please take part in the comment section, or give me a shout on Twitter. I always hope that this can be a place for conversation and discussion!

Overall, I am available outside of my work at Montpelier for any of the following:

  • Freelance writing.
  • Social Media consulting in the academic and heritage sector
  • Project management consulting
  • Public Speaking about my research, ranging from Slavery in Maryland or Virginia, digital public archaeology and social media, public archaeology.

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