Let’s talk twitter…and student affairs

Posted on Jul 2, 2009 in Careers and Professional Training, Dirt | 2 Comments

I have written numerous posts about twitter (at MSUCatalyst, here, and for Campus Archaeology). With Campus Archaeology, we have developed a wonderful use of Twitter (mixed with Facebook) that has really provided a great outlet for public outreach, and has garnered us a little publicity. People have been following our excavations, and occasionally comment on […]


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Academically, this summer has been a test of wills. I have been transitioning into a position where I am in charge of my own research and academic clock: I am moving away from classes and into working on my dissertation proposal and getting ready for my comprehensive exams. I am hoping to have my exams […]

Society for Historical Archaeology: enter the 21st century, please

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My major professional organization is the Society for Historical Archaeology. I have been a member for three years, and have attended a couple of conferences in that time. I also use the journal Historical Archaeology extensively. SHA has, most recently, been making a major push to become a much larger organization, recognizing that its field, […]

The internship: why you should have one

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One of the most valuable elements of both the programs that I am working with, Campus Archaeology and the SARVP Program, is the internship. I have started internships for both of these programs, and I am starting to figure out what it is that really makes them valuable, and what makes them successful. I thought […]

some success at the SARVPBlog

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For the past year, I have maintained a blog for the peer educators in the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program. The purpose of the blog was to keep the students up to date on current events relating to issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, and gender. The hope is to expand their dialogue […]

the iPhone and archaeology

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Over the past week, I have been out in the field with the Campus Archaeology Program, excavating what appears to be a dump site for some destroyed campus buildings. With Campus Archaeology I have had the luxury of working within a very stable 3G network, in addition to the campus wireless system, so I have […]

Moved again…

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Well, I had to move my blog again. This is the second time in a year, and the reasoning boils down to this: I can’t trust RapidWeaver. Twice now, RapidWeaver has deleted all of my blog posts from the editing software. Fortunately, I have caught it both times before publishing a bunch of empty posts. […]

In Defense of Michigan, the Great Lake State

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I should preface this by noting that it is not a direct attack on any one person, just simply my feelings about how I think my home state is generally treated, and why I think it is an unfair portrayal. Okay, I’ll admit it. The State of Michigan has had it rough for the last, […]

Guest Post at MSUCatalyst

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After going to the MidMichigan TweetUp (@MidMichTweetUp) a couple of weeks ago, I was asked by one of the attendees to do write a blog post about how I am using Twitter at the Campus Archaeology Program. The blog is called MSU Catalyst, and it serves as a resource for MSU students who are trying […]

Tweet Ups: How I Think They Could Be Used

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Yesterday, I attended my first “TweetUp”. “What, exactly, is a Tweet Up?” you are probably wondering…my response: they are the next step to making Twitter a digital networking tool to an actual networking tool. A TweetUp is a meeting of people who Twitter and are in a similar geographic location. The one I attended this week […]