productive procrastination

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I ran across these two essays by John Perry, a professor of philosophy at Stanford. One is entitled Structured Procrastination, and the other Procrastination and Perfection. To be quite honest, I identified quite solidly with these two articles. I have always referred to this kind of procrastination as Productive Procrastination, and it typically manifested itself […]

instant messaging in the office

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I ran across this article today, that discusses the use of Instant Messaging in the workplace…and actually says that it increases productivity. This is something I’ve mentioned in my last two workplaces to co-workers, and it has been met with significant doubt; partially because they only associate messaging with high schoolers and social communication, and […]

Sketch Up

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As promised, I wanted to write a little bit about the application of Google Sketch Up to archaeological research, and a little bit about how I am planning on using it. Over the last couple days, I have been playing around with Sketch Up, to see what was possible. SketchUp is free 3D drawing software […]

Public Engagement


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