on campus culture part II: being relevant

It just so happens that my post last week about understanding campus culture actually has some relevance to recent happenings at Michigan State University. As you all should know, our country has hit some troubled times in the past year, and our beloved Michigan…well, we’ve been recessing and depressing for about a decade now. This […]

on campus culture

I remember when I first came to MSU after receiving a degree from Kalamazoo College. I went to a professor’s office hour, and seemed surprised to see me – students didn’t come to his office hours; he tended to use that time to get extra work done. At K-College, it had been instilled since our first class, […]

Thinking about the future: Other Options for an Archaeologist

thoughts on what to do if I don’t end up becoming a professor…

Let’s talk twitter…and student affairs

I have written numerous posts about twitter (at MSUCatalyst, here, and for Campus Archaeology). With Campus Archaeology, we have developed a wonderful use of Twitter (mixed with Facebook) that has really provided a great outlet for public outreach, and has garnered us a little publicity. People have been following our excavations, and occasionally comment on […]

The internship: why you should have one

One of the most valuable elements of both the programs that I am working with, Campus Archaeology and the SARVP Program, is the internship. I have started internships for both of these programs, and I am starting to figure out what it is that really makes them valuable, and what makes them successful. I thought […]

some success at the SARVPBlog

For the past year, I have maintained a blog for the peer educators in the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program. The purpose of the blog was to keep the students up to date on current events relating to issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, and gender. The hope is to expand their dialogue […]

Class lecture

I gave a class lecture in Dr. Goldstein’s honors section of Introduction to Archaeology yesterday, since she wasn’t able to be in class. I presented a bit on Campus Archaeology, and our project from this past spring at Faculty Row. It was the first day, so I had to do a little bit of introduction […]

Peer Educator Training

This past weekend, we held training for our Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Peer Educators. We did two full days, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. The students were engaged, asked fantastic questions, and seemed incredibly motivated to be there. We had some trouble with students not showing up who […]

Book review: Straight Man – Richard Russo

Since I dedicated our many car rides this weekend (three three hour ones, to a wedding, to th Eastern Shore with my extended family, and then back home) to finishing a book, I thought I would give a little shout out toRichard Russo’s fine piece of work. Straight Man (1997), was my third Russo book, […]