Thursday Thought: An E-Mail Wake Up

Thursday Thought: An E-Mail Wake Up

Posted by on Jan 20, 2011 in Dirt, Leadership and Management | 11 Comments

I consider myself to be a pretty honest and considerate person, who takes my professional life and the presentation of my professional self fairly seriously. True, I could probably wear nicer clothes to work, and yes, my beard is not always expertly trimmed (it grows fast). But I do my best to make sure I […]

Thursday Thought: Rude Awakenings

Thursday Thought: Rude Awakenings

Posted by on Oct 28, 2010 in Dirt, Leadership and Management | 2 Comments

Yesterday, I had a rude awakening. It occurred around 6:30, halfway through my first personal training session with a William and Mary undergraduate trainer. He was, as we like to say, in the process of kicking my ass, which I thought was in pretty decent shape. Now, I’m a pretty healthy guy. I know my […]

What Can Men Do?

What Can Men Do?

Posted by on Sep 29, 2010 in Dirt, Leadership and Management | 7 Comments

After spending an hour fuming about the latest news regarding the failure of Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III to bring charges against two MSU basketball players for an alleged sexual assault on MSU’s campus, I was angry. Thankfully, I had the good fortune of reading a much more level headed response to the issue than simply […]

“Ice and Stretch”

“Ice and Stretch”

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I hurt myself on Friday, running to first base in a playoff game that was already over; my feeble ground ball to the third basemen would be the final out. In typical johnny-hustle like fashion, however, I made sure to run it out, pulling my hamstring in the process. Needless to say, I won’t be […]

Ignite Lansing, Communities, and Schneider

Posted by on Mar 8, 2010 in Dirt, Leadership and Management | 32 Comments

Okay, before I begin, I didn’t attend Ignite 3.0. I did make it to 2.0, so I know what it’s about: I support it whole heartedly. It is part of this larger movement, I’ll call it the #LoveLansing movement, that we have been engaging in the past couple of years. This group of people who […]

Hitting my Off Season Goals: The Workout and Diet

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At the end of the summer, I set some fitness goals for myself regarding baseball. I realized a good deal about my body during the baseball season:things I still could do and things I couldn’t do anymore, and things I was sure I could get better at. I realized throughout the season that I had […]

In Defense of Michigan, the Great Lake State

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I should preface this by noting that it is not a direct attack on any one person, just simply my feelings about how I think my home state is generally treated, and why I think it is an unfair portrayal. Okay, I’ll admit it. The State of Michigan has had it rough for the last, […]

Rebecca Walker Talk

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Last Thursday I attended a talk given by Rebecca Walker, a renowned scholar, activist, and feminist. Her discussion topic was about Obama, Palin and the discourse on race and gender that their candidacies has revealed. What she ended up talking about, however, was a further deconstruction of gender, race, and class, arguing that, in some […]