Tweet Ups: How I Think They Could Be Used

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Yesterday, I attended my first “TweetUp”. “What, exactly, is a Tweet Up?” you are probably wondering…my response: they are the next step to making Twitter a digital networking tool to an actual networking tool. A TweetUp is a meeting of people who Twitter and are in a similar geographic location. The one I attended this week […]

Arial Levy and Raunch Culture

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This past week, I was able to attend a talk given by Ariel Levy, a journalist and staff writer at the New Yorker, who authored the bookFemale Chauvinist Pigs, which I have not yet read. She also wrote a really fantastic article about Cindy McCain, which I posted to delicious a while back. Her talk was about her book, […]

Changes have been made

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Okay, I have updated my website. My homepage is now not the Dirt blog. It is instead a navigational page that can take you to a variety of different places online, ranging from my blogs to Campus Archaeology to various social networking sites. I’m hoping that, in the future, this will be a better way to […]

Archaeology of Work

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I was procrastinating a little bit this afternoon, and I ran across the website of a photographer named Fritz Fabert. He has some really fantastic work, but my favorite gallery on his site was definitely entitled“archäologie der arbeit”, or “archaeology of work”. These photos are of artifacts taken from recently abandoned buildings, such as hospitals and […]

Campus Archaeology Program Website Up!

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Alright, it is time for the official launch of the Campus Archaeology Program Website. Here you will find a variety of information regarding the Campus Archaeology Program, including a blog that Dr. Goldstein and I will be posting to regularly including updates from the field, announcements about various bits of outreach such as talks and programs, […]

Historical Archaeology and Twitter

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Twitter, as most of you know, has developed into an incredibly popular means of social networking, taking the place of blogging for many. There has also been a wide variety of applications for Twitter, ranging from use in the classroom to enhancing conference presentations. I have been using Twitter for while now (follow me here), and have […]

Class lecture

I gave a class lecture in Dr. Goldstein’s honors section of Introduction to Archaeology yesterday, since she wasn’t able to be in class. I presented a bit on Campus Archaeology, and our project from this past spring at Faculty Row. It was the first day, so I had to do a little bit of introduction […]

Peer Educator Training

This past weekend, we held training for our Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Peer Educators. We did two full days, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. The students were engaged, asked fantastic questions, and seemed incredibly motivated to be there. We had some trouble with students not showing up who […]

Some good finds today…

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Although it was snowing today ( a lot), I did venture out into the cold to revisit the site of my field school, Saints’ Rest. The site of the first Michigan State dormitory (then, Michigan Agricultural College), I caught some landscapers trying to plant trees in this area. Fortunately, we were able to stop them […]

One Month to Go

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One month to go in the semester, and things are amping up. Things have been rather idle in the office, lately, but that will change shortly. I just received notice that MSU will be “breaking ground” at College Field by the end of November, meaning that I will be required to be out in the […]