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Ashleigh and I spent a little under an hour this morning casting our votes, and I hope you all spend as long as it takes to do the same, regardless as to who you are voting for. That said, I would also like to put up a link to some of the most incredible photos […]

Why I do Archaeology

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I am in the process of reading an article by archaeologist Robert Paynter of UMass, entitled Historical and Anthropological Archaeology: Forging Alliances (2000, Journal of Archaeological Research). In it, Paynter discusses the “disjointed relationship” between historical and anthropological archaeology. For those who don’t know, the former focuses primarily on the archaeology of the recent past (since […]

Wood Pipes

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My day at work ended with a pretty exciting find regarding the article that we are working on regarding our work last spring at Faculty Row, the space used at the Michigan Agricultural College for the first faculty homes, built between 1855 and 1899. One of the artifacts that we found was a large segment […]

Good friend makes the pape!

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My fellow grad student and good friend Chris Valvano has been featured in an article in the Scranton Times, the paper from his hometown in Pennsylvania (You may recognize Scranton, as it is the town featured in “The Office”, and also where VP candidate Joe Biden grew up). The article discusses his growth into an archaeologist, as […]

Rebecca Walker Talk

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Last Thursday I attended a talk given by Rebecca Walker, a renowned scholar, activist, and feminist. Her discussion topic was about Obama, Palin and the discourse on race and gender that their candidacies has revealed. What she ended up talking about, however, was a further deconstruction of gender, race, and class, arguing that, in some […]

Campus archaeology heating up

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So, after a relatively slow start in my new position as Campus Archaeologist, things are beginning to slide down the pipe in our direction. We are beginning to finalize the work from this summer, and plan on submitting an article to Michigan Archaeologist on Faculty Row. I am excited about this, as it will be […]

A digital look at D.C.’s history

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Scott Berg at the Washington Post had a fascinating article about a project on Washington, D.C., where researchers are attempting to recreate the original landscape of the City when George Washington sent L’Enfant to plan the City. Through various uses of GIS (the image to the right is a two maps overlayed on each other, the […]

back to school tools

I thought, since class starts tomorrow, I would put up a post highlighting some of the computer software and websites that I use pretty much daily throughout the school year. These range from scheduling and productivity apps, to word processing and powerpoint apps. Scheduling, Productivity, etc. Mail is the most used program by far. […]

Discovering Jamestowne Rediscovery

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Yesterday, I was priveledged enough to have recieved a tour of the Jamestowne Rediscovery Project from the man responsible for Jamestowne’s rediscovery, Bill Kelso. The Historic St. Mary’s City Field school took their annual trip to Virginia, and the tour of Jamestowne was, by far, the highlight. The tour included behind the ropes visits to […]

Book review: Straight Man – Richard Russo

Since I dedicated our many car rides this weekend (three three hour ones, to a wedding, to th Eastern Shore with my extended family, and then back home) to finishing a book, I thought I would give a little shout out toRichard Russo’s fine piece of work. Straight Man (1997), was my third Russo book, […]