Process or Methodology?

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The role of the advisor is just that, to give advice. My advisor, Kenneth Lewis, came through big time last week during an impromptu meeting we had last week about my dissertation research questions (still being worked on, but I’ll post them once they’re completed). I had a feeling it was going to be an […]

Foursquare, Yelp, and Making Archaeology Visible on the Virtual Landscape

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Unless you have the resources of Williamsburg or Historic St. Mary’s City, recreating the historical landscape above ground is a near impossibility. Once excavations are complete, the units are filled in, and the space goes back to being what it once was, or it is converted into a new building, road, highway, or park. The […]

The Real Next Step: Dissertation Proposal

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As fun as it is to think that I will have all the time in the world to sit around and read great books, passing comprehensive exams is really just the beginning of the important part of my time in graduate school. The fun/hard part starts now. Writing the dissertation. And the first part of […]

Early Chesapeake History and Culture Conference: Recap

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This past weekend I was in Solomon’s Island, Maryland, for the Early Chesapeake History and Culture Conference, which was hosted by the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, in cooperation with Historic St. Mary’s City and St. Mary’s College of Maryland. It was quite an impressive conference, particularly because of the accumulation of […]

Research and Conference Trip: St. Mary’s City

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Over the next week and a half, I will be venturing to Southern Maryland for a variety of reasons. First, I will be attending a conference on Early Chesapeake history and culture on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I’m excited about this conference, since it will be a rare mixing of historians and archaeologists, all experts […]

Using a blog as a means for engagement and education during research

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Working at Campus Archaeology, I began maintaining a blog that was initially intended to update the public about our whereabouts, be it in the field or when we were giving guest lectures. What it has become, however, is a running log about our research findings, interpretations, and methodology. I have found this to be incredibly […]

Archaeology and Empowerment through Engagement

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Over the past few months, I have been learning about community engagement scholarship, particularly as it pertains to archaeology. This interest began almost a year ago, when I had a discussion at a conference with Dr. Maria Franklin from University of Texas-Austin. She had been engaged in a form of community outreach that went well […]

on developing engagement outside the university

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A conversation I had at IgniteLansing last week got me thinking about an interesting application of the method of Engagement Scholarship that I learned all about at the National Outreach Scholarship Conference. I was talking with Steve Purchase (@stevepurchase), who mentioned to me that he was going to start working for one of the local […]

On the National Outreach Scholarship Conference: Day 2

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Two days of conferencing have passed. I have learned a good deal about the language and scholarship of engagement. In a nutshell, engagement scholarship is the cross section of research, teaching, and outreach. It is grounded in the concept of mutual-benefit, community-university partnerships. Ideally, this scholarship approaches projects hand in hand with the community: from […]

On the national outreach scholarship

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This week, I will be in Athens, Georgia attending the Emergent Engagemet Scholars Workshop at the National Outreach Scholarship Conference. This workshop is for graduate students and young faculty who have an interest in community outreach and engagement. From what I can gather, the purpose is to emphasize the third element of higher education besides […]