Some Dirt Blog Maintenance

Some Dirt Blog Maintenance

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I just wanted to update you all on a couple of things happening behind the scenes here at the blog. I have started taking a deeper interest in who is actually reading this blog (if anyone), and, more importantly, what content is getting read the most. So, I’ve started doing two things I should have […]

The Thinking Stage

I am working on my dissertation proposal. Or so I say. I haven’t really written much. But, that should all change this week. This week, I start writing. Up until that point, I’ve been Thinking. I’ve been in the Thinking Stage. For me, this stage often takes up the most amount of time in my […]

Last time, I promise

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As many of you have probably noticed, and, are probably sick and tired of, I have moved the location of my blog around quite a bit. This is largely due to my growing familiarity with the internet, the importance of network building, and the developing my online presence. As I get more into it, I […]

Welcome to my online portfolio!

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I promise. This will be the last time I move my webpage…I’m actually paying real money for this one, so the url won’t be changing anytime soon. I have been wanting to develop an online portfolio for a while, however I wanted to establish a body of work before I did so. I am going […]

Moved again…

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Well, I had to move my blog again. This is the second time in a year, and the reasoning boils down to this: I can’t trust RapidWeaver. Twice now, RapidWeaver has deleted all of my blog posts from the editing software. Fortunately, I have caught it both times before publishing a bunch of empty posts. […]

Arial Levy and Raunch Culture

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This past week, I was able to attend a talk given by Ariel Levy, a journalist and staff writer at the New Yorker, who authored the bookFemale Chauvinist Pigs, which I have not yet read. She also wrote a really fantastic article about Cindy McCain, which I posted to delicious a while back. Her talk was about her book, […]

Changes have been made

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Okay, I have updated my website. My homepage is now not the Dirt blog. It is instead a navigational page that can take you to a variety of different places online, ranging from my blogs to Campus Archaeology to various social networking sites. I’m hoping that, in the future, this will be a better way to […]


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Ashleigh and I spent a little under an hour this morning casting our votes, and I hope you all spend as long as it takes to do the same, regardless as to who you are voting for. That said, I would also like to put up a link to some of the most incredible photos […]

Public Engagement


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